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Summer Conditions for Surf Comp |

Summer Conditions for Surf Comp

By Peter Pan / Photos – Lisa Haase

How often do you get to enjoy perfect August summer beach weather at the end of October in New England? With that thought in mind, the Eastern Surfing Association Competition Committee did not think twice about running the Annual Northeast Titles, this past Saturday at the Narragansett Town Beach. “It was just big enough to surf, and you could lay on the beach in your bathing suit and get a tan between heats,” said Competition Director Mario Frade. “Next weekend, we could have freezing rain and snow flurries.” (Fact remains that we did have a Halloween blizzard not too many years ago in Rhode Island).

Competitors found a solid 1-3 foot swell that lasted most of the day, and made for some interesting individual contests. Jayden Parry enjoys surfing the town beach.  He is out there regardless of conditions. While others were seeking perfect point break waves during the recent string of hurricane swells, Parry was out battling the close-outs at the beach. This familiarity with the break prove to be a great advantage, as he won three titles, including the always tough Open Shortboard division.

This event featured the best surfing of the day, with New England’s top Men’s competitor and East Coast Championship two-time finalist Jamie Kelley matching Parry wave for wave. It came down to one ride that put Jayden in the winner’s circle, as he pushed his board backside into a small inside section that went the distance into the beach. It was the only wave of the heat that held up from the outside sand bar, and Parry got it. Kelley finished a close second, followed by Page Hedde, who was picking off the rights on the other side of the contest area.

The other division that deserved mention was the Menehune Longboard Final, that found top ranked divisional leader, Sophia Martino, taking two long left slides backside and across the inside sandbars to top Page Hedde and the win. Page’s sister, Phoebe has been coming on strong at recent events, and put on a strong performance to take 3rd place.

Dylan Moran dominated the Menehune Shortboard final, taking a commanding lead in the first two minutes on a fast-breaking right peak, and never looking back. In the end, Moran was the unanimous choice for the title, by the entire judging panel.

Double winners included Ella Fontenot in the Junior Women’s Longboard and Girls Under 16 Shortboard, and Jamie Kelley in the Men’s and Men’s Longboard. Dylan Moran took the Menehune and SUP crowns. Jayden Parry took two other titles, the Junior Men’s Shortboard and Junior Men’s Longboard, adding to the Open crown.

The last ESA contest of the 2017 season is scheduled for November 18th at the Narragansett Town Beach. Both competitors and officials are hoping for the same weather conditions. Interested surfers can check out contest information on the ESA South New England Facebook page.


Final Results of the Annual Northeast Championships held at the Narragansett Town Beach in 1-3 surf on October 21, 2017. MENEHUNE SHORTBOARD-1.Dylan Moran  2.Phoebe Hedde  3.Gabe Donegan  4.Luke Miele   GIRLS UNDER 14 SHORTBOARD-1.Page Hedde  2.Sophia Martino   GIRLS UNDER 16 SHORTBOARD-1.Ella Fortenot   BOYS UNDER 14 SHORTBOARD-1.Cal Gibson   BOYS UNDER 16 SHORTBOARD-1.Jayden Parry  2.Graham Ray   MEN SHORTBOARD-1.Jamie Kelley   GRAND LEGENDS SHORTBOARD-1.Peter Pan   MENEHUNE LONGBOARD-1.Sophia Martino  2.Page Hedde  3.Phoebe Hedde  4.Dylan Moran  5.Gabe Donegan  6.Cal Gibson   JUNIOR MEN LONGBOARD-1.Jaden Parry  2.Graham Ray   JUNIOR WOMEN LONGBOARD-1.Ella Fontenot   MEN LONGBOARD-1.Jamie Kelley   LEGENDS LONGBOARD-1.Peter Pan   OPEN SUP-1.Dylan Moran  2.Peter Pan   OPEN BODYBOARD-1.Peter Pan   OPEN SHORTBOARD-1.Jayden Parry  2.Jamie Kelley  3.Page Hedde  4.Dylan Moran  5.Sophia Martino  6.Phoebe Hedde


Jayden Parry 

Page Hedde

Mike Meile

Ella Fontenot

Gabe Donegan

Phoebe Hedde

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