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Holiday Surfabout 2018 |


Waves for Holiday Surfabout
By Peter Pan – Photos by Lisa Haase

ESA surfers got a surprise pre-Thanksgiving present this past Saturday, at the Narragansett Town Beach. A huge offshore storm system that hit the coastline on Friday, lingered long enough the following morning to give competitors a solid waist to shoulder high swell for the final contest of the 2018 season.
Working with an extended open format, males and females battled it out in their respective divisions, and the good surf made for some close contests. The tightest heat was the Women’s Open Shortboard Final, where Page Hedde and Sophia Martino went head to head, grabbing consistently long right and left handers across the beach. It came down to a last-minute left that allowed Page to pull off several turns and cutbacks and pushed her into the winner’s circle.
The Men’s Open Shortboard offered a great mix of young and old, best displayed by the top three finishers. Two-time East Coast Championships finalist and New England men’s champion, Jamie Kelley managed to find the best formed left peaks, and work them for the most points. Menehune Champion Dillon Moran charged into second place, with some high-flying right handers that hollowed out and peeled off. Senior Men’s champion, John Martino found one outstanding right peak that pushed him into the 3rd spot.
The Open Longboard Final was held during the most consistent swells, on the incoming tide. Surfers grabbed numerous quality rides, as both lefts and rights began to appear both near the seawall and in the middle of the beach. This was another very close contest, with Sophia Martino holding the lead for most of the heat. She had put together two stylish backside rides, before Jamie Kelley nailed a sectioning left peak that held for an extended nose ride and the win. Big credit also goes to Dillon Moran, who went from 7th place to 3rd place with two fast moving right slides with two minutes left in the contest.
Contestants received prizes from Wet Sox and Nixon watches, as well as collecting their final ESA rating points to qualify for the 2019 ESA Northeast Regional Surf-Offs in May. The next rated ESA event will be the 51st Annual New England Mid-Winter Surfing Championships on February 16th, 2019. This is the oldest, continually running winter surfing contest in the world. For more information, surfers can go to the ESA SNE Facebook page.
Final Results of the 2018 ESA Holiday Surfabout- Menehune Boys-1Dillon Moran Girl Under 14-1.Annalise Kane 2.Taylor DeMond Girls Under 16-1.Page Hedde 2.Sophia Martino 3.Phoebe Hedde Boys Under 16-1.Jeff Burns 2.Jeff Albanese Men-1.Jamie Kelly 2.Brad Dickinson Masters-1.Chris Herbert Senior Men-1.John Martino Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan Menehune Longboard-1.Dillon Moran 2.Phoebe Hedde Junior Women’s Longboard-1.Sophia Martino 2.Page Hedde Junior Longboard-1.Jeff Albanese 2.Jeff Burns Men Longboard-1.Jamie Kelley Masters Longboard-1.John Martino 2.Chris Herbert Grand Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan


Surfers in order 

Annalise Kane
Dillon Moran
Jamie Kelley
Phoebe Hedde
Page Hedde
Sophia Martino
John Martino



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