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ESA Rips Middletown Contest |

Local Surfers
Dominate Middletown Contest
By Peter Pan
Photos by Lisa Haase

After weeks of unridable surf, a short period swell popped up on the radar, and Eastern Surfing Association staff took full advantage. “The surf actually picked up on the night before, so we knew we had a small window to run the contest on the next morning,” said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade. “It could not have turned out better, with Second Beach going off at a solid waist to chest and super clean.” The swell continued all day long, as ESA competitors ripped up the perfect contest waves. “The surf was about as good as you can ask for,” said ESA Co-Director Bill Parry. “And the beach staff was outstanding, helping us out with the contest.”
This was a big day for the Hedde family of Matunuck, as they dominated just about every age group and category they surfed in. Joe Hedde Jr. was on a tear, as he charged through every heat, winning the Men’s, Men’s Longboard, and Open Shortboard titles. His toughest challenge came in the Open Shortboard Final, where he battled Narragansett’s Jayden Parry for the title. It came down to the final right hander, with Hedde pulling through a long section, finishing it off with a hard lip smack off the top, to take the win.
The best strategy win came in the Ladies Final, where Kerrie Heddie picked her peak and sat on it for 20 minutes. Waiting for the rare lined-up sets, she only rode two waves, but each one was outstanding. And you only need two waves to win a contest.
Page Hedde topped probably the most competitive final of the contest, edging out a charging Sophia Martino for the Girls crown. Page took twice as many waves as the rest of the finalists, and made good on the two that counted. Josh Hedde pulled into a nice left barrel to win the Junior title, and then found the same left peak in the longboard division, to top that final as well. Phoebe Hedde got a great nose ride to win the Menehune final, and even Joe Hedde Sr. topped his category, as he hooked into two great left sections to win the Masters Longboard division.
When Kerrie Hedde was asked how is it that the entire family can surf at that high a standard, she replied; “It certainly doesn’t hurt that we are out in the water just about every day of the week, since we run the town surfing camp at Matunuck. There is no substitute for surfing all day long to get ready for a surfing contest.”
Other category winners included the rapidly, improving Tiago Freitas, who won both the Boys Under 12 Years short board and the Open Bodyboard crowns. Long board stylist Sophia Martino continued undefeated in that division, as she locked into two back handers that reeled off into the inside shore break for the Junior Women’s Longboard title.
The next scheduled competition is set for Second Beach in Middletown, on July 27th. Sign-ups are from 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM. For more information, surfer can go to the ESA SNE Facebook Page, or the ESA SNE website.

Final Results of the 2019 ESA South New England Summer Surf Series Round #1, held in solid waist to chest high waves at Second Beach, in Middletown, Rhode Island on July 13th, 2019. Girls Under 12 Years-1.Kalani Freitas 2.Summer Lukens Boys Under 12 Years-1.Tiago Freitas Boys Under 16 Years-1.Chris Synott 2.Mason Soboleski 3.Nik Barnes 4.Holden Soboleski Junior Men-1.Josh Hedde 2.Jayden Parry Men-1.Joe Hedde Jr. 2.Steve Szczepariak 3.Joey Tiburio Masters-1.Andre Freitas 2.Leo Roma Senior Men-1.John Martino 2.Joe Hedde Sr. Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan 2.Kitty Pechet Girls Under 16 Years-1.Page Hedde 2.Sophia Martino 3.Phoebe Hedde 4.Annalise Kane 5.Taylor DeMond Ladies-1.Kerrie Hedde 2.Kristen Martino Menehune Longboard-1.Phoebe Hedde 2.Tiago Freitas Junior Longboard-1.Josh Hedde 2.Chris Synott 3.Jayden Parry 4.Mason Soboleski 5.Holden Soboleski Men Longboard-1.Joe Hedde Jr. Masters Longboard-1.Joe Hedde Sr. 2.John Martino 3.Andre Freitas 4.Jeremy Soboleski Grand Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan 2.Kitty Pechet Junior Women Longboard-1.Sophia Martino 2.Page Hedde 3.Summer Lukens 4.Phoebe Hedde Open SUP-1.Leo Roma 2.Peter Pan Open Bodyboard-1.Tiago Freitas 2.Kalani Freitas 3.Vivian Freitas 4.Pat Redmond Open Shortboard-1.Joe Hedde Jr. 2.Jayden Parry 3.Page Hedde 4.Nik Barnes 5.John Martino 6.Sophia Martino 7.Phoebe Hedde 8.Mason Soboleski 9.Chris Synott 10.Steve Szczepariak 11.Andre Freitas 12.Holden Soboleski 13.Summer Lukens


Page Hedde

Jayden Parry

Jamie Kelly

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