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ESA Summer Series Contest #3 |


Surf’s Up for Summer Titles

By Peter Pan

It was flat all week before the contest.  It was flat the day before the contest was scheduled. ESA organizers called Peter Razza, head surf and SUP instructor at Second Beach on Saturday night to ask his thoughts on running the event the next day. “Absolutely,” he said. “It will be flat everywhere else, but not here. You should have good waves.” When ESA officials showed up at the beach on Sunday morning, they found out he was 100% correct. “Best waves we had all summer for a contest,” said ESA Competition Director, Mario Frade. “Competitors were taking so many waves, they were going over the maximum limit. And they were good waves!”

This was another contest packed with our local young talent ripping up the surf. Dylan Moran continued his undefeated reign in the Menehune ranks, as he sliced his way to easy wins in both the long and short board events. Dylan also showed his versatility, taking 2nd place in the Open SUP Final.

Sophia Martino continues to come on strong, as she picked off the best waves and worked them to the beach for a solid win in the talent packed Menehune Longboard Final. She was impressive in both her backside and front side riding, which put her in the title spot on the longboard. She battled Page Hedde for the win in the Girls Under 14 Short Board Final, which was much closer. Hedde caught two nice lefts, but Martino nailed a long right peak that sewed up the win.

Jayden Parry and Josh Hedde both surfed so well in the Boys Under 16 Short Board Final, that the judging panel had them hopelessly tied for first place. The contest had to be decided by a unprecedented two-person surf-off at the end of the event. In a close one, Parry edged out Hedde with a clean right peak that held up to the beach.

East Coast Men’s Championship finalist, Jaime Kelly paddled out late for the Open Shortboard Final, and still managed to find the two best formed lefts of the 20-minute heat, and ripped them to an easy win. He was a on a tear this day, as he dominated both the Men’s short and long board divisions, ending with a triple title event.

In the elder categories, it was Kai Holtbakk charging to two wins, taking the Senior Men’s crown and nose riding his way to the Master Longboard title. Joe Hedde’s perfect left slide across the contest area, gave him the big win in the Open SUP Final, while Pat Redmond continued to dominate the Open Bodyboard division, with undefeated record intact. Newcomer Jack Grzebien “el rollo-ed” his way to the Menehune Bodyboard crown.

Anyone interested in competing can get more contest information by visiting the Eastern Surfing Association SNE Facebook page, joining the Instagram feed@esa.sne.surf, or going to the main ESA website at surfesa.org. The next ESA contest is the Summer Series Round #4, scheduled for 2nd Beach on August 19th.

Final Results of ESA SNE Summer Series Contest #3, at 2nd Beach, in Middletown, Rhode Island on August 6th, in 2-3 foot surf. MENEHUNE SHORTBOARD-1.Dylan Moran  2.Gabe Donegan  3.Henri Boneu  4.LouAnna Kelly  5.Phoebe Hedde   BOYS UNDER 14 SHORTBOARD-1.Mason Soboleski  2.Cal Gibson  3.Jack Grzebien   BOYS UNDER 16 SHORTBOARD-1.Jayden Parry  2.Josh Hedde  3.Dylan Holtbakk   GIRLS UNDER 14 SHORTBOARD-1.Sophia Martino  2.Page Hedde   MEN SHORTBOARD-1.Jamie Kelly  2.Cam Haskins   MASTERS SHORTBOARD-1.Dante Magnani   SENIOR MEN SHORTBOARD-1.Kai Holtbakk   GRAND LEGENDS SHORTBOARD-1.Peter Pan   OPEN SHORTBOARD-1.Jamie Kelly  2.Jayden Parry  3.Josh Hedde  4.Sophia Martino  5.Kai Holtbakk  6.Jack Grzebien  7.Dylan Moran  8.Page Hedde  9.Cam Haskins  10.Dylan Holtbakk  11.Dante Magnani   MENEHUNE LONGBOARD-1.Sophia Martino  2.Phoebe Hedde  3.Dylan Moran  4.Page Hedde  5.Mason Soboleski  6.Gabe Donegan   7.LouAnne Kelly  8.Cal Gibson  9.Henri Boneu   JUNIOR LONGBOARD-1.Josh Hedde  2.Jayden Parry  3.Dylan Holtbakk   MENS LONGBOARD-1.Jamie Kelly   MASTERS LONGBOARD-1.Kai Holtbakk  2.Joe Hedde Sr.  3.Dante Magnani   LEGENDS LONGBOARD-1.Peter Pan   MENEHUNE BODYBOARD-1.Jack Grzebien  2.LouAnne Kelly  2.Henri Boneu   OPEN BODYBOARD-1.Pat Redmond  2.Peter Pan   OPEN SUP-1.Joe Hedde Sr.  2.Dylan Moran  3.Peter Pan



Photos by Lisa Haase 


Kai Holtbakk

Cam Haskins

Dylan Moran


Sophia Martino

Page Hedde

Jayden Parry 

Josh Hedde

Page Hedde

Jamie Kelly



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