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ESA Summer Series contest #4 |


Surfers Tear It Up at Summer Series

By Peter Pan

Photos by Lisa Haase

For the first time in over two decades, the ESA managed to run five consecutive surfing contests during the middle of the summer, with not only no postponements, but with actual ridable waves. The string of success began with the Annual New England Longboard Championships, which was held in clean waist high surf at Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts. The venue moved to Second Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island for the next four events, and each one featured solid waist to chest high waves. Veteran surfer, Peter Razza, ESA Newport surf prognosticator, made the call for every contest, predicting ridable surf. “Our beaches our situated better to catch those summer wind swells,” said Peter. “It might be flat everywhere in New England, and we are surfing fun stuff at both Second Beach in Middletown and First Beach in Newport.”

As has been the case all summer, the kids put on the best show, as they ripped up the Middletown beach break, despite dealing with some very heavy seaweed laden shorebreak. The main event offered the best surfing, when Narragansett’s Jayden Parry battled Nantasket’s Jamie Kelly for the title. Parry began the heat with two long right peaks that came his way on the far end of the contest area. Kelly, a goofy-foot, moved to the opposite end of the contest zone, waiting for the perfect left. By the time two left peaks come through, Jayden had nailed yet another perfect right slide, this one the biggest of all three. It was a close one, but Parry pulled off the win by a whisker at the buzzer.

Sophia Martino continues to dazzle the judges with her wave selection and stylistic moves. She put all the boys to shame in the Menehune Longboard Final heat, after dominating the preliminary rounds. Her winning waves were all backside, and the high pointer was a solid waist high peeler that she nose rode both switch foot and backside. She switched to a short board to win the Girls Under 14 Final and take a 4th in the Open Shortboard division.

Newcomer, Tristan Aitkenhead pumped his way to a big win in the hotly contested Boys Under 14 Final, edging out Ryan O’Connell for the title. Dylan Moran continues to dominate the Menehune category, as he easily won both the shortboard and SUP Open Finals. Another new female ripper was Kaeley O’Connell, who pulled off some nice cutbacks and lip bashes to win both the Girls Under 16 Final and the Junior Women’s Longboard Final.

South Shore’s Jamie Kelly tuned up the East Coast Championships in September, taking both the short and long versions of the Men’s events, while another champion headed for the Easterns was 2017 Northeast Regionals winner Pat Redmond. Pat dazzled the spectators with his usual championship form, as he won the Open Bodyboard category.

Competition heats up in the next few weeks, beginning on September 16, with the Annual “Catch A Curl” ESA event for groms only!  This popular contest, held at the Town of Westerly Town Beach, will offer a large array of merchandise prizes for the winners, sponsored by the New England Science and Sailing Institute. On September 23, The Annual Battle of the Beach will take place at Matunuck Point, which will feature both long and short board events for all ages. This event will also offer a huge selection of prizes, including over one dozen new surfboards.

Final Results of ESA New England Summer Series Contest #4, held at Second Beach, in Middletown, Rhode Island on August 20, 2017 in 2-3 foot surf.  Menehunes-1.Dylan Moran  2.Ian Aitkenhead  3.Ryan O’Connell  4.Tiago Freitas  5.Gabe Donegan   Boys Under 14-Tristan Aitkenhead  2.Sean O’Connell  3.Jack Grzebien  4.Mason Soboleski  5.Henri Boneau  6.Ian Aitkenhead  7.Dylan Moran  8.Jackson Cocivern  9.Jaiden O’Connell   Boys Under 16-1.Jayden Parry   Girls Under 14-1.Sophia Martino  2.Sydney Aitkenhead   Girls Under 16-1.Kaeley O’Connell   Men-1.Jamie Kelly   Masters-1.Ray Way  2.Andre Freitas   Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan  2.Kitty Pechet   Menehune Longboard-1.Sophia Martino  2.Sean O’Connell  3.Gabe Donegan  4.Dylan Moran  5.Jaiden O’Connell  6.Ryan O’Connell  7.Henri Boneau   Junior Women Longboard-1.Kaeley O’Connell   Junior Men Longboard-1.Jayden Parry   Men Longboard-1.Jamie Kelly   Masters Longboard-1.Ray Way   Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan   Open SUP-1.Dylan Moran  2.Peter Pan   Menehune Bodyboard-1.Jack Grzebien  2.Henri Boneau  3.Dylan Moran   Open Bodyboard-1.Pat Redmond  2.Peter Pan   Open Shortboard-1.Jayden Parry  2.Jamie Kelly  3.Tristan Aitkenhead  4.Sophia Martino  5.Jaiden O’Connell  6.Mason Soboleski  7.Sydney Aitkenhead  8.Dylan Moran  9.Kealey O’Connell  10.Ryan O’Connell  11.Sean O’Connell  12.Jack Grzebien


Dylan Moran

Jack Grzebien

Jaiden O’ Connell

Jamie Kelly

Jayden Parry

Kaely O’ Connell

Ray Way

Tristan Aitkenhead


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