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ESA Summer Series #3 |

 Surf conditions were bad before the contest, and bad after the contest. And the only surfing beach that had a good wave in New England, was Second Beach in Middletown, site of the 3rdround of the Eastern Surfing Association’s Summer Surf Series. “We got lucky yet again,” said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade. “Narragansett has one-foot chop, and we come here and get solid waist high, clean peelers.” ESA competitors, who had traveled from all over New England for the event, were pleasantly surprised to see good waves after a week of flatness.

It was a set up for perfect contest surf, with straight off shore winds, a solid 2-3 foot swell, and incoming tide all day long. This provided some excellent performances in clean, crisp summer waves. The big event of course, was the Open Shortboard, where the best surfers from all age groups, both male and female, battled it out. It came down to a contest between Jack Grezbien and Jayden Parry, as they traded waves. Jack picked off both rights and lefts, working them into the shorebreak, while Parry sat outside, waiting for the winning set waves. They did come, as he pulled into two long, sectioning rights that he rode from the far end of the contest area and past the judges for the win. Summer Lukens, in her first contest, shocked the field, taking 3rd with long rides into the shore break. She also took two titles, winning the Girls Under 14 Shortboard, and the Junior Women Longboard crown.

Parry also had a banner day, winning the Junior Men’s Shortboard and Junior Men’s Longboard divisions. The competition was hot and heavy in the Boys Under 16 Shortboard event, but Jack Grzebien was up to the task, tearing up two right peaks that propelled him to the title over Mason Soboleski. Undefeated Liam Fitzgerald pulled off some great cut backs and power moves to crush the Boys Under 14 Shortboard age group, while Cole Bussey was a double winner, taking the Boys Under 12 Shortboard and the Menehune Longboard divisions with some nice left and right inside sections.

The Open Bodyboard Final featured some great trick riding, with Liam Fitzgerald pulling off two nice 360’s in the shorebreak, to edge out Cole Bussey. Brook Conley found some of the best waves of the entire competition, winning the Open SUP title.

The 4th and final showdown for bragging rights, trophies, and prizes, will take place at 2nd Beach on September 1st. Final points standings will be tabulated at this event, and awards will be given immediately following the contest.

Final Results of the ESA New England Summer Competition Series Round #3, held in 2-3 foot clean surf at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island on August 19, 2018. Boys Under 12 Shortboard-1.Cole Bussey   Girls Under 12 Shortboard-1.Summer Lukens   Boys Under 14Shortboard-1.Liam Fitzgerald   Boys Under 16 Shortboard-1.Jack Grzebien  2.Mason Soboleski 3.Christian Williams  4.Holden Soboleski 5.Charlie Krause  6.Jeff Albanese   Junior MenShortboard-1.Jayden Parry   Grand Legends Shortboard-1.Peter Pan   Open Shortboard-1.Jayden Parry  2.Jack Grzebien  3.Summer Lukens  4.Mason Soboleski  5.Charlie Krause  6.Holden Soboleski  7.Jeff Albanese  8.Cole Bussey  9.Liam Fitzgerald  10.Christian Williams   Menehune Longboard-1.Cole Bussey  2.Mason Soboleski  3.Charlie Krause  4.Liam Fitzgerald  5.Holden Soboleski   Junior Women Longboard-1.Summer Lukens   Junior Longboard-1.Jayden Parry   Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan   Open SUP-1.Brook Conley   Open Bodyboard-1.Liam Fitzgerald  2.Cole Bussey  3.Charlie Krause  4.Jack Grzebien  5.Craig Massey


Pics below taken by Lisa Haase.


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